Wednesday, 27 July 2011

TDM900 modifications for touring

The TDM900 is a great bike, but as usual, it is possible to make the factory bike better - in my opinion.  One BIG drawback I can't rectify is the light flywheel.  Damn bike isn't happy under 2500rpm.  The new XV1200Super Tenere fixes that problem, but I have just finished getting my TDM how I like it and don't want to start again. Here is my bike:
The core differences are: engine protection bars; bracing on front fairing to support larger screen;risers on bars; sheepskin seat cover AND bead rider (which makes it a bit tall!); megacycle pipes but modified to shut them up(which was critical); heated grips; saddle bags; Givi top box plus bracket modification to have a gearsack mounted forward on the pillion seat and Zumo 550 GPS with Starcom in the tank bag.  Oh...and the cruise control - of course!

I was still having trouble with my left wrist so I added a more comfortable support for long distance riding.  See the bar joining the mirror mounts in this photo.  It is covered in rubber tubing.  I got the idea from guys who race bicycles - and it is way more comfortable over long distances.  You have to have a cruise control of course to really feel the benefits.
Here is the bike completely kitted out for a trip.
In my next post I will show what is required to put a big screen on the bike if you  are interested.

Melbourne, Vic - Hervey Bay, QLD & back 2010

Sometimes in life, we get lucky.  My trip to Hervey Bay to see a mate was like that.  The weather was mixed, but I enjoyed it all.  Just about anywhere I go on a motorcycle is fun.  Especially alone.  There is something special about being able to stop when you want, enjoy what you want and not have to worry about what anyone else wants or needs.  I know that sounds selfish, but with a 7 year old daughter to worry about, sometimes it is good to just do what I want!

Visited my second oldest daughter in Sydney and then headed north up the coast.  It was blowing a gale and challenging on the bike, but good.  The is Taree, I think.
Next day up to Brisbane to argue about whether Greenhouse is real - or not - with a friend from 40 years ago at uni.  I argue in the affirmative, but to no avail.
I stay with another friend from my days in the Weather Bureau and get up to perfect weather for whale watching!  Nobody actually expects to see a whale up close - right?  A dot on the horizon was my expectation, but it was a nice, sunny day, so what the hell.  I couldn't have been more wrong!

What a trip!

Then my wife's car broke down back in Melbourne and I had to high-tail it back home. 2,500 kms in two and a half days.  Couldn't have done it without the cruise control.